Our Group is engaged in manufacturing, consulting, supplying and trading in both the oil and gas and agricultural sector.

Big O Group has direct mandates and connections to more than 7 of South Africa's mining and oil companies which owns, operates and manages one of South Africa's petroleum industry commercial assets. Big O Group is registered under South African law.


Sunflower Oil
Full Cream Milk Powder
Brazilian White Refined Icumsa 45 Sugar
Base Oil
Bitumen | Asphalt | Tar |
White Spirit
Liquid Silver Mercury in Steel Flasks


Sodium Cyanide
Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Corn Maize
Light Speckled Kidney Beans
Linear Alkyl Benzene
Butyl Acrylate Monomer
Styrene Toluene MEK


Diesel | Gasoil
Petrol | Gasoline
Golden Wheat Grain
Granular Sulphur
Boric AcidDiesel | Gasoil
Petrol | Gasoline
Golden Wheat Grain
Granular Sulphur
Boric Acid


connecting the world





Big O Group vigorously pursues investment opportunities both internationally and within South Africa, with a special focus on Africa. A pioneer in Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) technology, Who also owns and operates GTL refineries. GTL technology is recognized throughout the world for producing the fuels, through an environmentally friendly process.

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